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IT Knowledge Management

Our Services


IT Infrastructure Knowledge Management

Having an advanced understanding of the IT infrastructure that supports business critical applications and users is vital for business IT teams.


Doclan has the solution for bringing technology information into a resource that helps IT leadership communicate IT concepts to the business, aids operations staff to support the enterprise platform and represents the as-is solution for technical architects to introduce transformation innovations and understand costs. 


IT Applications and Services 

Doclan capture the IT services supporting the business, understanding the applications that support these services and the underlying infrastructure supporting the applications. A full dependency relationship is captured between IT systems, partners and owners into a simple to read handbook of knowledge.


Process and Procedures

Doclan compile process and procedure handbooks for all IT technical and business critical processes. The handbooks form an important reference for operations, training and knowledge retention. Technical IT processes that relate to software, applications and infrastructure. We draw key knowledge from personnel, collaborating to compile detailed process for anyone to use.


Business Process and Procedures

Business processes are captured to a data source and visualised for easy to understand processes. We position this service to fully visualise and understand the as-is processes, to allow for streamlining and optimisation. 

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Doclan create content that integrates into almost every document management system, monitoring software, wiki or support tools and software. 

We are not here to replace those software tools, rather enhance their functionality and use case. 

Doclan provide a single pane of glass to access knowledge of the IT ecosystem. 

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