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IT Infrastructure

Knowledge Management

A further look into the workings of IT Infrastructure


Doclan visualise the sites and premises where IT infrastructure is deployed. We begin at the site level to wrap high level location context around IT assets.

The floor layouts are created to visualise the room position within the building, isolating the areas specific to where IT equipment is located. This view is created to further help understand location context, especially on large campuses. 

Room layouts are created to further expand on the location context of assets and services. As you drill down from the site, to the floor to the room layout, you can begin to see where exactly devices are kept. The room layout view explains aspects of the environment, such as climate control, access and power details. 

Doclan creates rack elevations to replicate the experience of being in front of the assets in the room, with incredible detail. 

Doclan creates isometric and engineering diagrams of the IT enterprise infrastructure. 

This simplified representation of advanced technologies allows the business to understand the IT landscape, allows technical design to understand and convey the “as-is” deployment and forms the basis for transformation programs.

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