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IT Knowledge Management Services

We give our customers the peace of mind that the critical knowledge of their business IT systems, applications and processes, are captured and documented. 

Doclan create a digital twin of the IT Enterprise.



Doclan services solve typical challenges in modern IT:

Not "knowing what you have" in the IT enterprise. 
Busy IT teams, and nothing is documented. 
Mergers and acquisitions? Not knowing what the purchased companies IT landscape look like.
Process and Procedures? Not having operations and support runbooks.
Business Process and Procedures? Understanding the as-is business process and procedures, to optimise and streamline. 
Key IT systems information is mainly in people heads, not in documentation. 
The challenge of internal training of support staff to understand the IT systems. 
The challenge of business critical IT Knowledge loss, through staff turnover.

Doclan have four main services that address these and other challenges. They are;

IT Infrastructure, IT Applications and Services, IT Process and Procedures, and Business Process and Procedures.


Head over to the services page for more information.


IT Infrastructure

Doclan visualise the entire IT Enterprise including locations, physical infrastructure, virtual infrastructure and cloud platforms.  Know what you've got and how it works.


IT Process and Procedures

Doclan help businesses create process and procedures
for business critical activities.


IT Applications and Services

Doclan capture the IT services supporting the
business, understanding the applications that
support these services and the underlying
infrastructure and platforms supporting the applications.


Business Process and Procedures

Business processes are captured to a data source
and visualised for easy to understand processes.


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Helping our customers to feel in control of the IT Enterprise.


Putting IT knowledge at their fingertips. 

Doclan is a business that specialises in IT Knowledge Management.


We have a very unique service and we encourage you to get in touch, so that we can show you what we produce.

We produce advanced documentation outputs for our customers, allowing business IT to plan, deploy and support the enterprise, while Doclan ensure that the change of knowledge is captured, completed and maintained.

We believe it is vital to record, protect and collaborate the knowledge of how business critical IT systems are configured, deployed and supported.

Our service is designed to help our customers source, understand and protect this knowledge of IT systems, and present it in a powerful and visual, way.

Doclan are not a software tool, Doclan are service that collaborate as an extension to the IT team.



A proven methodology in capturing and presenting IT knowledge.


Countries: Doclan document customer infrastructure and service in over 100 countries


Doclan have customers that are SME and large multinational. All IT teams face similar challenges. 

4 Weeks

To see your full IT enterprise on a single page.


Doclan have presence in Europe, UK and North America.

Get Started

Do you have the challenge getting critical information about your business IT systems and applications?

Get started with Doclan.

Contact us for a demonstration of our service product.

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> IT Applications and Services

> IT Process and Procedure

> Business Process and Procedure

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